Frequently Asked Question

How long do you perform for?

We like to be set up and ready before the guests arrive and we will stay until the end of the wedding, normally for up to 6 hours, give or take. If you have your own DJ then we may leave discreetly after our job is done.
If your event is substantially longer then you will be quoted accordingly.

What do you normally do at a typical wedding?

During Drinks Reception, we play soft instrumentals so that your guests can meet & greet.
Shahid, The Wedding Singer will remain discreet at this time.
Once the Bride and Groom are ready to make their entrance we will announce all guests to be seated and for the isle walkway to remain clear.
Shahid, The Wedding Singer will then announce the Bride and Groom’s Grand Entrance and perform their chosen song live as they walk in.
Having performed the Entrance Song, and once the couple are on the stage, Shahid will then request a round of applause for the beautiful couple and formally welcome everyone on their behalf.
If it’s a Muslim Wedding, then Shahid can recite a Beautiful Dua for the Couple, their families, friends and loved ones.
Shahid can also perform a few Nasheeds/Naat’s to bless the occasion.
Once starters begin to be served, Shahid will announce this and ask all guests to return to their tables. He will then formally introduce himself and begin his first set by performing for around 45minutes. This set will be a mixture of old and new songs, with a selection of songs that you can hand pick if desired.
After this he will take a break for around 25 minutes and we will play soft background music in the meantime.
Once mains are served Shahid will announce this and then perform his second set of songs for around an hour.
The Cake Cutting Song can also be sung, with or without a 10 second countdown.
Shahid can also sing the first dance song with a few more romantic numbers to allow other couples to join them on the dance floor.
After this, if there is dancing, then before the DJ kicks in Shahid can get the party started by singing a few lively numbers like Happy (Pharrell Williams), Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars), Mundian Bach Ke (Punjabi MC), Michael Jackson hits, etc.)
During Stage Photos Shahid does not normally perform and we would play soft background music at a lower volume so that the Film Crew and Photographer(s) can communicate with the guests on the stage in order to arrange them for the photographs and wedding film.
If there’s a Rukhsaati (Farewell Ceremony) then Shahid will thank everyone for attending the special occasion and wish them a safe journey home.
He would then end the night by performing the appropriate song(s), like Baabul Ki Duaen.

How much Deposit is required?

We require 50% Deposit upfront to confirm the booking.
Please be aware that we do get a considerable number of enquiries each week and cannot confirm any date until the deposit has been paid.
To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend you make this payment as soon as possible!
We will email our company bank account details for you to make payment via bank transfer. Please include your name and date of your event as a point of reference (just so that we don’t get mixed up with the other deposit payments on the same day).
We will then email you confirmation of deposit payment along with a completed Event Schedule that you will need to check very carefully.
Any amendments could alter the price so please ensure all details on your Event Schedule are correct.

When do I pay the Outstanding Balance?

The outstanding balance must be paid at least a week before the Special Day.
This allows everything to be cleared and sorted so you won’t have to worry about making payments on the actual day.

Where do you normally set up on the Floorplan?

Ideally, we prefer to be on one side of the stage so that if there are speeches then the distance for wireless microphones is not too far. Also, this way the guests can see both the big stage and the wedding singer to compliment the special occasion. Another important issue is for the Caterers not to locate any guest tables too close to the speakers, ideally, they should be around a minimum of 8 meters away from any speaker.

I’m worried about the noise, are your Speakers loud?

We understand that weddings are social occasions so rest assured we do not blast the volume levels.
Our hi-tech, State-of-the-Art Sound System gives a rich, punchy sound that creates an unusual wide diversion pattern of nearly 180 degrees for fuller sound coverage, filling the venue and spreading the sound evenly.
The Conventional DJ Speaker produces a very narrow beam of sound creating loud zones and dead spots. Guests seated in front get blasted and guests seated on the sides hear virtually no detail!
Please see our services section, entitled ‘State of the Art Sound System’ for further details

How long does The Wedding Singer actually sing for?

We believe less is more!
It’s always better to sing in small doses and we believe your guests will appreciate this more.
Shahid can sing the Entrance Song.
A set during starters of around an 45mins, followed by a break.
A set during Mains of around an hour, followed by a break.
The Cake Cutting Song (with or without a 10 second countdown)
Any dedication song(s)
First Dance Song with a few dance numbers, if required.
The Farewell (Rukhsaati) Song(s)

What kind of songs does The Wedding Singer perform?

Shahid can perform a very wide range of genres, these include Bollywood, English, Quwali, Ghazals, Islamic Nasheed’s, Naat’s, Bhangra and more!

Do this package include a Professional DJ?

If your guests are going to dance then you will need to hire your own DJ or we can recommend a few we have worked with in however, if there’s NO DANCING then we can play background listening music and make relevant announcements when required to do so.
We regularly work alongside various professional DJs and to get the party going Shahid can perform some lively upbeat numbers to get the party started before the DJ takes over.

Can you provide a wireless Microphone for Speeches?

Yes, we have the same 2 state of the art microphones from Shure Inc.
However, Shahid does use one of these but we always carry a spare one which can be used.
Please note that during speeches, due to wireless frequency acoustics in the venue, it’s important that the guest speaker is in line of sight and not too far away from the wireless receiver. Ideally no longer than 20 meters away, otherwise there could be the small possibility of audio dropouts.

What’s your most popular Music Entertainment Package?

Our most popular music entertainment package is as follows;
(i) The Wedding Singer Package with The Amazing Pianist upgrade. This adds a live ambience with chilled out beautiful and more mellow renditions of your favorite songs.

What’s your Package Prices?

With so many factors involved we cannot quote a price without getting the details we need first. This will allow us to price you up fairly according to your requirements.
Please fill out our enquiry form and a member of our team will respond within 48 hours.

Can I give you a song playlist for the event?

Yes, of course.
We normally ask for a list of song choices for important parts of the wedding, such as the Grand Entrance or Cake Cutting.
You can also give us a list of other songs too, such as a dedication song(s), any songs that are sentimental to you both, personal favorites, etc.
Otherwise you can leave everything to us and we can select what we feel is a good mix of songs, both old and new.

I have my own DJ so can I hire you to provide entertainment during the meal times?

Yes, of course!
We regularly perform alongside professional DJs to give you the best of both worlds!
The Award-Winning Wedding Singer will perform his sets and can even kick off the party with some upbeat dance numbers before the DJ takes over.

Can I pick my own songs for Shahid, The Wedding Singer to perform?

Yes, you can.
We normally discuss the Music Playlist and Itinerary a few weeks before the special day. Shahid already sings a wide variety of popular songs but if there’s certain songs that you want him to perform on the day then that would be fine, as long as;
(i) the song is suitable for him to sing.
(i) there’s enough time for him to rehearse it.
Please be aware that some songs may not be possible or suitable for him to sing for reasons that will be explained to you, but we do try our level best.
If Shahid cannot sing any song you choose then the option is still there for us to play the original track instead.

Can The Wedding Singer take requests from guests on the actual day?

Yes, of course but as long as;
(i) its’s subject to your approval
(ii) it’s suitable for the occasion
(iii) he knows the song and can sing it

Can guests join in and sing along with Shahid or even by themselves?

Yes, of course but subject to your approval.
We encourage guest interaction and would love for your guests to enjoy themselves and show their amazing talents.

Can Shahid do any shout-outs?

To be honest, we are not too keen on this because it takes away from the occasion and makes us feel like radio presenters. Also, when one starts then more follow.
We once had a wedding guest who wanted us to announce his son’s birthday at someone else’s wedding and he even brought his own cake he wanted to cut!
Other guests like to dedicate songs to their partners and/or oved ones.
This would be at your discretion and subject to your approval.

What if my event gets cancelled or postponed?

Regrettably, all Deposits are non-refundable and serve to cover loss of income for another potential booking on that date.

What actual services do you provide at the wedding?

Live Singing, Background Music & Announcements.
Extra’s include – The Amazing Pianist, The Female Wedding Singer, Drummer/Percussionist,Tabla/Dholak Player, The Great Guitarist, and our Elegant Venue Up-lighting (sometimes referred to as ‘mood lighting’)

Can we meet up to discuss further?

Yes, of course.
Meeting face to face builds up trust. However, our Offices are based around London (Watford) and Birmingham (Edgbaston).
Most people tend to discuss everything by phone because they lead busy lives and for convenience purposes everything can be sorted out this way most of the time.
Should you wish to meet then please contact us so we can book an appointment or consultation

Can we book you for just a few hours as we have our own DJ for the dancing?

Yes, you can.
However, please bear in mind that it’s unprofessional to set up and pack up while guests are there so we would like to be ready to perform before guest arrival time. We have worked with many DJs and prefer to patch into their Sound System as that way there won’t need to be too many unsightly speakers that ruin the décor that you have paid good money for. Possibly, we may just bring one two speakers depending on the acoustics of the venue. We would bring everything else, like mixer, wireless mics, etc. and patch this into your DJs Sound System. We would perform when required and then later in the DJ when the DJ kicks in we would either stay to enjoy the rest of the evening or leave discreetly once our job is done.